The Woodlands has a Day, Night and Select Game Day Shuttle that is a free amenity for tenants. The day shuttle runs with The University of Tennessee Academic Calendar. If there are no classes the day shuttle does not run.

Woodlands Shuttle Schedule

2023-2024 UTK Academic Calendar

Class Shuttle
-The class shuttle picks up at Woodlands Phase 2 Gazebo and drops off on campus near Neyland Stadium every 30 minutes.
-Our day shuttle follows the University of Tennessee Academic Calendar (If The University does not have class, the shuttle will not run)

Select Game Day Van:
-Begins running 3 hours before the game and drops off as close to Neyland Stadium as campus allows.
-Pick up begins at the end of the game at the courthouse on Main St. and will run until 2 hours after the game.

Night Van:
-Picks up at Woodlands Clubhouse and drops off at the Shell on Cumberland Avenue.

*If a Football game pick-up time is during night van hours, our night van will pick up/drop off at the courthouse until the end of the 2-hour window. The Night van will then resume Shell pickup once Cumberland resumes**

Campus Drop-Off Map